Welcome to OLN Online Classes. We have partnered with Google For Education to provide the best to our students. 

About Online Teaching-Learning Process:

We understand that at times students may miss live classes due to network issues or any other unavoidable circumstances. Hence, we won’t be having live video call sessions. Teachers will upload pre-recorded video lessons in the classroom every day. Along with this, teachers will also upload simple quizzes and activities to keep the students engaged. 

The lessons will be published every morning. The students can watch the lesson anytime during the day. Moreover, students can rewatch the videos as many times as they wish. If they have doubts or queries, students can post them in the comment section. Students have to maintain a notebook for each subject and follow the instructions of the teacher in the Google Classroom.

Official School Emails For Students:

To keep our students safe in the online world and to bring everyone under one roof, we have created emails for all students. This email ends with


If anyone faces any issue with online classes or need any information, you can contact the helpdesk.  In the email, explain your problem in detail. In the Subject column, write the student’s name, STD, and the school email.  You will find the helpdesk email in the contact section.

Security And Precautions Taken:

To protect our students’ data on the internet, we have taken many security precautions. No one can join any classroom or view any lessons using personal email. This will prevent outsiders from entering the classroom.