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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on MR vaccination campaign

Why is measles–rubella vaccine given?

  • MR vaccine is given for preventing both measles and rubella disease in the child.
  • To eliminate Measles and control rubella/CRS in the country

Does this vaccine give lifelong protection?

  • Yes, MR vaccine gives lifelong protection in most of the children
  • Two doses of MR vaccine protects the child from both diseases

Does a combined vaccine of measles and rubella (MR) lead to any loss of efficacy of either vaccine?

  • No, efficacy of both vaccines remains the same as when administered separately.

Are there any side effects of MR vaccination on child?

  • MR vaccine is safe and administered worldwide under RI program as well as through MR vaccination campaigns.
  • Millions of children have been vaccinated with this vaccine safely all around the world.

Who should NOT be vaccinated?

Do not vaccinate if the child has:

    • High fever or other serious disease (e.g.: unconsciousness, convulsions, etc).
    • Hospitalised children.
    • History of a severe allergic reaction to measles/rubella vaccine in the past

Does the child need MR vaccination campaign dose even if she/he has had all her/his routine vaccinations?

  • Yes, the campaign dose will be administered to all the children falling between the age group of 9 months to <15 years of age, irrespective of any past history of disease or vaccination.  
  • MR  campaign dose is in addition to RI dose.

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